Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lipsticks At Glamorize Pt 1

 Hey GlamorGirls! So many amazing releases here at Glamorize! Not only do we have a new <location> but we have many many amazing new releases for you to enjoy!

♥ Jupiter Lips ♥
♡ Row 1: Copper, Arctic Blue, Aubergine, Black Out, Candy Red
♡ Row 2: Crimson, Frozen Pink, Fuchsia, Gold, Honey
♡ Row 3: Ice Cream, Nude, Off White, Peach Cream, Pink Stone
♡ Row 4: Racy Pink, Root Beer, Rose Bud, Ruby, Silver

♥ Lumina Lips ♥
♡ Row 1: Barely Pink, Beach, Black Out, Blood Red, Blue Ice, Burnt Umber
♡ Row 2: Chocolate Rose, Cola, Cream, Crimson, Fruit Punch, Fudge
♡ Row 3: Hot Pink, Hot Sauce, Milk Coffee, Peach, Pink Coral, Pink Ice
♡ Row 4: Pink Lady, Pumpkin, Purple, Red Hot, Sand, Soft Pink
♡ Row 5: Soft Red, Teal, Vanilla, Violet Water, White Yellow

♥ Petal Lips ♥
♡ Row 1: Aubergine, Chocolate Kiss, Chocolate Milk, Coral, Cream & Sugar
♡ Row 2: Creamy Pink, Deep Crimson, Dusty Rose, Electric Berry, Flesh
♡ Row 3: Gold, Harlot, Lush Pink, Mauve, Oil
♡ Row 4:Orange Cream, Pink Ice, Sea Green, Sky, Soft Red

♥ Pop Lips ♥
♡ Row 1: Black, Bright Red, Cherry Brownie, Coral, Crimson
♡ Row 2: Fiery Red, Fudge, Grape, Ice Cream, Light Nude
♡ Row 3: Merlot, Mulberry, Orange, Pale Purple, Popstar Pink
♡ Row 4: Rosy, Strawberry Cream, Tan, Tulip Pink, Wild Pink

♥ Strange Dreams Lips ♥

♥ Infinity Lips ♥
♡ Row 1: Black, Bright Magenta, Bubblegum, Burgundy, Cherry
♡ Row 2: Chocolate Syrup, Cranberry, Dusty Rose, Fire Red, Mandarin
♡ Row 3: Mango, Nude, Peach, Red Wine, Silver
♡ Row 4: Soft Red, Strawberry Shortcake, Turquoise, Violet, White Chocolate

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